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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Back in the USA

So we have been back in the US for exactly 1 month. Wow! Time sure does fly by!

We started our time in New Jersey with Hiro's parents. We were super busy exploring Hiro's past stomping grounds, visiting NYC, taking a 2 daytrip to Boston, and visiting a lot of Hiro's friends. Oh yeah- I also gave Jimmy Fallon ANOTHER high five. Awesome-I know.

Then we headed South to Florida to visit my mom and dogs. We had a great time there too! We ate in a restaurant that was the house from My Girl, we ate liquid nitrogen ice cream, took a mini trip to St. Petersburg. It was nice to finally see some sun (the first few weeks in the US and last few weeks in Japan were RAINY) and my mom.

Now we are in Ohio. We got to meet up with some relatives, my brother came for a surprise visit, we went up to my hometown- Alliance, went to cedar point, and visited Ohio University. We are on our way to LA on Monday.

During our down time in the past few weeks, we have been researching our butts off! Looking at cars, apartments, jobs, churches, jobs, jobs, jobs, etc. We are basically going to LA with a 1 week stay in a hotel (thanks mom) and 2 weeks with a rental car. It is a little overwhelming, but I believe that God has a perfect plan for us. It may be hard, frustrating and rough at times, but we will get through it with His help.

We started packing tonight and researched a lot. Los Angeles: HERE COME THE HIRASHIKIS!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Shepherds pie

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Dinner a few weeks ago. Yum!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Hiro and I made some pierogies new years eve. Then again with rach during winterbreak. We made them for a third time yesterday with hiroya and Rex. We had a fun time making them and even better time eating them!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

new year's resolution

2011 will be a big year for us. quitting our jobs, moving across the world to set up again. find jobs, friends, a place to live. i can't believe that we will be leaving japan in about 4 more months.

But before that, I made a new years resolution to be more aware of what im eating. I took out candy, added more water, tea, fruits and vegetables. I am trying to get off the iron supplements completely. so far- everything is good. I even lost some weight without even trying. I think i had a lot of empty calories in candy! So here's hoping i can continue to make wise food choices- not for diet reasons, but for good health and nutrition.

my goal is to maintain my weight, decrease my body fat percentage and increase my muscle percentage. right now my body fat is 22.1 and muscle 22.9 i was surprised how high my body fat percentage was even with all the exercise i do! 2011 is to be more aware!

So off to work- full from a nice lunch of : tofu, miso soup, rice, natto, and spinach salad! yum!

Monday, January 10, 2011

time to start posting again

wow.... november 30th was the last time i posted. i guess it is time for an update.

december was a busy month, full of baking, a church christmas outreach, the ekiden, and christmas shopping. Somehow i managed to survive until the 23rd when my 2 week break started. Hiro got pneumonia and was out of commission for a week or so. we got to stay inside and watch lots of movies on the projector that i borrowed from school. It turned out to be a really nice, relaxing, good quality time 2 weeks.

on January 2, Rach and i went to franc franc to get a fukubukuro. A happy lucky bag. Many stores sell them and you may or may not know what is inside. All i knew was anything from franc franc would be good. we got there and found a line and an hour left till the store opened. rach went across the street and got 2 coffees and we were good to go!

We had a few game days at a friends house. Catan, Dominion, and lots of chatting and snacks. I really love my friends here and it will be really sad to leave them.

We have set a month. we will leave in may. so soon! Lots of things will be happening in the next few months. My replacement will start feb 1st. Rach and Jenny will move out of the kasugai apt early march. i will finish working the end of march.

We have been looking at potential places to live and work in california. It is going to be a scary move, but a good adventure. I am so thankful to be doing it with Hiro.

I've still been cooking a lot. I really enjoy it. I made shepherds pie yesterday and have big plans for some salmon, scallops and pasta this week.

Its really cold now, and i have lost a lot of motivation to run, or leave the house. I need to get moving because i need to try and register my bike, then head tot he gym for yoga and running. then work.

55 more working days to go! wow!

hopefully ill try to keep this more updated now that i have gotten into a routine.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This Sunday, I'll be running on a foreigners team in aichi ekiden. I just got my uniform. It's pretty fun! I may be on tv - so if you are in japan- be sure to tune in on Saturday on tokai tv channel!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday season!

Yesterday, a few of us went to thanksgiving dinner at a friends house. on saturday! I completely forgot on thursday that it was thanksgiving.....

but it was a great time to spend with friends. I really am thankful for so many things this year! 2010 will be a year that i will never forget!

today, Jenny, rach, gabe and felicia and i went to see hiro in his christmas carol play. It had a texas theme. Hiro played a homeless man and a man. He was really good! after the show, jenny and rach came over, along with another friend. we ate dinner and decorated the christmas tree! it makes me so happy to have the decorations up. It really feels like christmas now!

On another note, hiro and i became an aunt and uncle! My stepsister and her husband had a baby saturday morning! yay! I can't wait to meet him the next time we go back!

well im in need of a nice relaxing sunday night.... just gonna call the parents soon, then head to bed. 18 more working days, 24 more days till winter break! I CAN NOT WAIT!